Poster from the premiere of the book
Film about the book
Elementarz tradycji Regionu Kozła / activity book

An action-packed activity book aimed at getting children thinking about how traditional culture of their own region affects pretty much every area of our lives. With different themes relating to tradictional culture of a small ethnographic region in Poland on every page, children have fun decorating traditional instruments and costumes.
The vibrant colour effect provided by Pantone Red 032 and Pantone Blue 072.

96 pages, 210 x 290 mm
Text, design and illustrations – Anna Kaźmierak – Fundacja Tres
The book uses archival photos from Collection of Glass Negatives of the Tres Foundation
Published by Fundacja Tres
Zbąszyń Poland 2017
Co-financed by the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw as part of the "Patriotism of Tomorrow" Programm
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